But there is another area of uncertainty

The Large Magellanic Cloud may dragging the Small Magellanic Cloud behind it, since the Magellanic Stream ‘skid mark’ is most chemically similar to the contents of the Small Magellanic Cloud.What remains unresolved is whether the Clouds are in a bound orbit around the Milky Way or are they just passing by? The level of uncertainty about the dynamics of objects that are relatively close to us, and are easily visible to the naked eye, may seem surprising.Firstly, it is tricky to gain an accurate estimation of each Cloud’s velocity relative to the Milky Way partly because we, the observers, have our own independent movement and we need to find a reference frame that we can reliably measure the Clouds’ velocity against.Estimates derived from Hubble Space Telescope observations by Kallivayalil and colleagues in 2006, measured the Clouds’ velocities against a background of distant quasars, which are visible through the Clouds. These data were then used by Besla and colleagues to propose that the Clouds’ velocities were too fast to be in bound orbits around the Milky Way cheap jerseys and so must be just passing by.But there is another area of uncertainty, where even with the Clouds’ velocity determined you still need to decide what escape velocity they need to avoid being caught in a bound orbit of the Milky Way. While we can estimate the https://www.onlineselljerseys.com Milky Way’s mass, there is the issue of dark matter which we can’t see and hence can’t locate accurately so there is some uncertainty about how the combined mass of the Milky Way’s visible and dark matter is distributed.If, like the visible matter, the dark matter is centralized around the galactic hub, the Clouds won’t need so much velocity to escape.

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