I am just excited that they are taking the time to

It is proven that writing music improves fine motor skills, concentration and assists normal writing and reading skills. I also wanted to show the parents that kids do enjoy doing certain tasks that most people thought kids would dislike. It is amazing, how quickly the kids got into writing and copying of music.

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Nyepi, the silent day follows. On this day people stay at home, fast and remain inactive. Visitors will not find any public places open on Nyepi and will also be encouraged to remain indoors. The Beirut tragedy, which razed down a large part of the city and killed over 100 people, was not the first such incident involving ammonium nitrate. In 2013 an ammonium nitrate explosion occurred at the West Fertilizer Company storage and distribution facility in Texas, US, killing 15 people. However, it was a fraction of the size of the Beirut explosion..

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