I don’t like to eat fruits with a thick skin

Oranges, peaches, and grapefruit all contain bioflavonoids.Yellow coloured foods contain anti inflammatory compounds, and may protect the skin, eyes, brain, and vascular system. The list of foods is a lot smaller when it comes to the colour yellow with bananas, pineapples, summer squash, and lemon being some good choices. I don’t like to eat fruits with a thick skin personally and tend to choose fruits with a lower glycemic index when I do eat them so out of this group I mostly use lemon.

Many students went home, where they don even have proper internet connection. There is a time limit during which the link remains active. What do we do in these scenarios? We have written to the VC and the chancellor but to no avail, says Ashish Lamba, final year student at Campus Law Centre..

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