“I was failing with men like I was failing with

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china “The Third Rainbow Girl” is not only a meticulously investigated story of a crime and its haunting aftermath, it’s also a coming of age memoir examining that pivotal year in Eisenberg’s life embedded in a community marked by the trauma of the murders, when the girls she tutored would disappear from the college focused demands of her program but not from town; and the man she was in a relationship with couldn’t articulate what he wanted besides her; and a thrum of discontent built up in her as she began to see her work as increasingly inadequate to the task. “I was failing with men like I was failing with girls and I was failing to bridge the space that seemed to separate them” she writes. “You cannot treat women only for a disease of which men are the main carriers.”I spoke with Eisenberg by phone this week about her role and responsibilities as an outsider writing about an often misunderstood region, what true crime can do for social justice, and the failings of poverty alleviating programs like VISTA on the problems they were designed to help solve.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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