In a laboratory test chamber

Ended his remarks by saying, Mother full of God, pray for me. Was joined in the chamber by a United States marshal, two Bureau of Prisons officials and his spiritual advisor. The priest stood in the corner of the room with a face mask.. In a laboratory test chamber, Phyllis Ullman, volunteer test subject, records her reactions in simulated smog conditions, while being observed by Paul L. Magill, Stanford University senior chemical engineer, through a window, April 19, 1949. Miss Ullman makes notes on eye and throat irritation as smog is introduced (center of picture).

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Dizziness is where the patients experience some off balance moments including being lightheaded. The other symptom associated with dizziness would be that the person may feel as if everything around him is spinning; this, according to the medics has been referred to as the vertigo. These are damages caused in the complex nerve pathways whose vital role is to create good coordination framework between vision and other processes of the brain..

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