In that case, instead of 9,600 crore that we can

Lobbying machines solidify support for police and war industry funding. Law enforcement lobbies have long built support for police and prisons among state and federal politicians, using a fear of crime and a desire for the profits and jobs that are funneled to its backers. Among the strongest backers are police and prison guard unions, which instead of using the labor movement to defend the powerless against the powerful, defend their members against community complaints of brutality.

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Answer to the query “Can I choose the gender of my child?” must be YES since its possibility has been scientifically proven. If you’re willing to pay for the costly methods such as PGD (Pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis), Shettles Method, Ericsson Albumin Technique, etc.), it is viable to decide the baby’s sex before the time of conception. Based on the advance in fertility treatments, the doctors can identify the male and female embryos that suit the parents’ needs.

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