July 21, 2020 Local NewsDiet FitnessKids camps gone

The industry would never be the sameJuly 25, 2020 Diet FitnessDiet FitnessHitting the spa during a pandemicAfter a stressful few months and the gradual loosening of quarantine restrictions, beauty and wellness appointments are top of mind for many. Whether it’s relieving muscle tension with a robust massage or unblocking those pores, a pampering treatment can have you feeling like your old self again.July 25, 2020 Diet FitnessLocal NewsSkateboarding pros take sport, along with message of hope, to Indigenous youthBelieving it saved them from taking the wrong path, a group of avid skateboarders is touring Alberta reserves to share their sport with Indigenous youth.July 21, 2020 Local NewsDiet FitnessKids camps gone virtual this summerSummer camps aren’t what they used to be, especially this year. The Alberta government’s surprise announcement to launch Phase 2 a week ahead of schedule, caught many off guard and though timely, was too late for many summer camp operators to come up with safe, in person camp curriculum..

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