On Wednesday, the NSW Premier and Deputy Premier

See, this is the violence, said a protester, who had his face covered.is not violence. I am just trying to remove some garbage, the counter protester responded.Lorena Harris, a lawyer representing CN at the court hearing, said the rail company received an anonymous tip about the Edmonton blockade in the early morning. A freight train that was down on that location imminently, below the speed limit, was able to stop about 20 freight cars before the blockade, she said.Protesters block the CN rail line near 231 Street and 110 Avenue in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs, Wednesday, Feb.

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canada goose We need to concentrate on things like how we’e going to store water ourselves,” Professor Auty said.”It’s not going to get any better.”Mr Purves said the water utility had modelled for every drought that could ever happen and even then couldn’t run out of water.He said it would review their plans when dam levels hit about 50 per cent.”Our consumption levels have decreased significantly over the past 20 years,” Mr Purves said.”In fact we asked the community to save a whole lot of water during the millennium drought, which they did. We’ve seen a slight increase since.”He said while Canberrans weren’t under water restrictions yet, there were still measures in places, like bans on watering gardens during daylight hours in the summer.”There are actually quite a number of measures in place. Most of them are pretty much common sense things,” he said.Canberra’s largest dam, Googong, is about 61 per cent full canada goose.

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