Satan serves himself only, Christ serves others

According to the CDC, it could take up to 14 days after exposure for someone to show any symptoms.”There are people who are positive but truly have no symptoms, and there are people who go on to develop very mild or atypical symptoms, and then there are people who think they are asymptomatic until you query them about some of the more unusual manifestations of COVID 19,” she said. “But sometimes, these all get lumped together as ‘asymptomatic.'”It’s thought that people in all three categories including those who are presymptomatic can transmit the virus, although there was again some confusion about the nature of asymptomatic spread. In early June, the World Health Organization was forced to clarify that the coronavirus can be spread by people with no symptoms after one of the agency’s top infectious disease epidemiologists, Maria Van Kerkhove, said she thought asymptomatic spread of COVID 19 was “very rare.”Van Kerkhove’s assessment was roundly criticized by scientists around the world.

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