There was a small mobile trailer that got nick named

Apart from the Main Base and Tent City, the flight line had little to offer. There was a small mobile trailer that got nick named the “SS Minnow” and it held about twelve or so people comfortably with a window ac unit. Outside of that there were bombed out Harden Aircraft Shelters with huge holes in the tops of them.

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Hopefully they start to give us some answers on things. I did read that they are going to go week by week and determine it later. At least they aren going to do it prematurely and things might get better. We were not alone, six other cars full of visitors watching the same area, but as there appeared no further action they began to slip away. We, considering the advantages of waiting longer, decided to move on when a Park’s vehicle arrived. Fitted to the side window, one of the biggest video cameras I had ever seen.

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